About us

Petrojam Ethanol Limited (PEL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), a statutory enterprise under the Ministry of Science Technology Energy and Mining. PEL was established in 1985 for the dehydration of ethanol for the export market. PEL owned and operated a dehydration plant of capacity 40 million gallon per year. For several years the feedstock source for the plant was wine alcohol from European Union (EU). In 2004, this source of feedstock was no longer available as it was required for the development of the EU own biofuels programme. PEL subsequently partnered with a Brazilian entity to re-establish the feedstock, hydrous ethanol, produced from sugar cane in Brazil.  Under this arrangement the refurbishment of the 40 million gallon plant into a modernized ethanol dehydration facility based on molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption technology was achieved.