Role and Functions

Cabinet mandated the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica in 2002 to ensure the accelerated implementation of the Jamaica Energy Sector Policy. PEL is a processor of fuel grade anhydrous ethanol (dehydration of hydrous ethanol) and qualifies under the Caribbean Basin Economy Recovery Act 1983 for the exemption of duty in the exportation of fuel grade ethanol in the U.S.A. Under existing legislation there is an available quota of approximately 850 million US gallons annually to those countries qualifying. The market has grown significantly in the USA since the passing of the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) in 2007 and more recently the RFS2 in 2010. PEL seeks to further developments in the renewable energy sector and as such has embarked upon the following objectives:

  • To source feedstock (hydrous ethanol) from international suppliers and from local suppliers when available
  • To maximize its processing capacity for the dehydration of hydrous ethanol into anhydrous ethanol
  • The marketing and sale of fuel ethanol locally, to the United States and other markets available to the company